Eplex7 DSP says that its Klerhaim N1 VST synth is more analogue than 99.5% of all others: “do not be confused with marketing BS”

Eplex7 DSP is launching its Klerhaim N1 ‘analogue’ VST synth plugin with some harsh words for developers of similar instruments, claiming that 99.5% of them sound “sterile, digital, boring, robotic, uniformly numb and sharp”.

The company’s argument is that these products are made by coders rather than electronic engineers - people who don’t understand how real analogue circuits behave. So, Eplex7 has developed a new virtual circuit technology that’s designed to emulate the “constant chaos” exhibited by the hardware instruments of yesteryear.

The upshot of this is Klerhaim N1, which is based on analysis of more than five (six?) analogue synths from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Features include two analogue-style VCOs with multiple waveforms, an analogue temperature control that can introduce more noise and interference, a pink/white noise generator, a low-pass filter, amp and filter envelopes, two LFOs, and glide/saturation controls.

Eplex7 is backing up its bold claims with various video explainers and demos. It says that you should “not be confused by marketing bullshit; use your ears”.

The good news is that Windows users can do just that by downloading demos in VST/standalone formats. The full version is currently on sale for €29.90, rising to €59 after 100 copies have been sold.

Find out more on the Eplex7 website.

Ben Rogerson

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