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Epiphone announces George Thorogood ‘White Fang’ ES-125TDC Outfit

Epiphone has lifted the lid on a new signature model, the George Thorogood  ‘White Fang’ ES-125TDC Outfit. 

Based on the blues rocker's vintage Gibson ES-125DC archtop, the White Fang is finished in Bone White, complete with a cobra sticker. It comes loaded with a pair of Epiphone's P-90 Pro singlecoils, which aim to recreate key period-correct design details of Seth Lover's initial P-90 design, such as tin-plated brass base plates. 

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Elsewhere, hardware specs include Wilkinson Deluxe tuners with  ‘ivory’ buttons and a traditional 'diamond' trapeze tailpiece, which like Thorogood's own model, has been secured to the top in order to reduce feedback. 

For those not into the serpentine statement, the cobra sticker is removable. Underneath the flash finish, there's a custom-shaped mahogany neck, laminated maple body and pau ferro fingerboard, the floating bridge is also made from pau ferro. It's all supplied in a hardcase with a snakeskin-style handle – at an MSRP of $899.

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