Elektron Overbridge 2 is “music making made more fluid”

The original Elektron Overbridge software functioned as both an editor for Elektron’s hardware synths and a way to play and monitor them through your DAW. With Elektron’s USB 3.0 Overhub in tow (optionally), users could combine the best of all the company’s synths with an in-the-box workflow.

Overbridge 2 keeps the VST and AU plugins, but adds a standalone app that can edit and even record audio from your analogue or digital Elektron synths, without the need to rely on your DAW.

Another addition is the ability to use your connected Analog Heat, Analog Rytm or Analog Four as external effects processors for audio routed from your DAW.

(Image credit: Elektron)

Specs (via Elektron)

  • Overbridge works with the following Elektron products: Digitakt, Digitone, Digitone Keys, Analog Rytm MKI/MKII, Analog Four MKI/MKII, Analog Heat MKI/MKII, Analog Keys
  • Fully integrate your Overbridge compatible Elektron instruments with Ableton Live, Logic, Bitwig, Studio One, and other DAWs
  • Turn your music-making hardware into powerhouse audio-synced plugins – a perfect virtual version of your machines
  • Assign LFOs, visualize samples and automate parameters via the Overbridge Plugin inside a DAW. The plugin interface provides a different view of an Elektron machine
  • Stream multi-channel audio over USB
  • Utilize your Elektron instrument as a high-performance stand-alone sound card
  • Record individual tracks within the stand-alone applications, for working without a DAW
  • Process digital audio from your computer with analog hardware instruments (Analog Heat, Analog Rytm & Analog Four)
  • Use Total Recall to store your project and instrument settings inside your DAW project for quick access later
  • Manage and organize presets, samples, kits, and projects
  • Integrate with multiple instruments simultaneously, powered via Overhub

Find out more about Overbridge at the Elektron website