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Electro-Harmonix squeezes fresh juice for your pedalboard with the MOP-D10 isolated power supply

Today in easy solutions to everyday problems, we have a new isolated power supply from Electro-Harmonix, with the MOP-D10 offering an affordable way to keep your ever-expanding pedalboard's lights on.

The MOP-D10 has ten isolated 9VDC center-negative outputs – plenty for that special overdrive, delay or modulated octave reverb in your life. There are a variety of maximum current ratings, with one 100mA to 400mA output, four at 100mA, and two apiece for 250mA, 300mA, and 400mA respectively. 

Electro-Harmonix MOP D-10

(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

In the box you'll find 10 straight-to-right-angle DC power cables, a detachable power cord and everything you need to mount it safely on your pedalboard. 

The MOP-D10 is designed around a custom-wound toroidal transformer, which to paraphrase EHX's marketing sizzle will deliver power as clean as the driven snow. Other nice features include the on/off switch on the rear panel, plus an AC Voltage Selector to make it work wherever you've got your rig.

It looks substantial and it is out now, priced $151. See Electro-Harmonix for more info.

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