Electro-Harmonix launches the Mod 11 multi-modulation pedal

(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

The Mod 11 from Electro-Harmonix makes no secret of its USP. It is right there in the name, with 11 different modulations packed into one guitar effects pedal.

At first blush it looks like EHX want the Mod 11 to do for modulation what their Oceans 11 pedal did for reverb – or indeed what the Canyon did for delay and looping. The controls layout and setup are pretty similar, and all three pedals look to bring maximum functionality to the smallest possible enclosure.

Tapping into the Mod 11’s wide range of classic modulation effects should be a cinch. Tremolo, vibrato, chorus, flanger, phaser – all are easily accessible. But EHX have gone deeper with this pedal. There are extra modes for each effect, changing its voicing and catering to those looking to explore further in pursuit of some weird sci-fi tone. For this downloading the manual might come in handy.

With internal and external tap-tempo functionality, EHX give you a lot of control over the Mod 11’s effects. The effects are selected via a rotary dial, while there are control knobs for depth, rate and volume/colour. A mode button lets you cycle through the various modes of whatever effect you have selected. Each effect has two to three modes.

There is even a momentary mode which works when the pedal is in bypass mode – step on the footswitch and hold it and it engages the effect for as long as you keep your foot there. 

As listed by EHX, the Mod 11’s effects run as follows:

  • 1. TREM: Tremolo modulates your signal’s volume. Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • 2. HARM: Harmonic tremolo. The signal is split into high and low frequency bands and modulated between the two. Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • 3. VIBR: Vibrato modulates your instrument’s pitch. Selectable modes allow your playing envelope to control modulation rate or depth.
  • 4. UNI: pays homage to the classic Univibe. Includes “Chorus” and “Vibrato” modes plus added overdrive.
  • 5. CHORUS: Warbling, doubling, chorus effect like the EHX Small Clone. Extra modes include tri-chorus and bass chorus effects.
  • 6. ROTARY: Rotary speaker cabinet simulation. Extra functionality includes overdrive plus envelope control over rotation speed. 
  • 7. FLANGE: Flanging with modes for both additive and subtractive flanger. Multiple LFO shapes, including envelope follower.
  • 8. TZF: Through Zero Flanger. A flanger effect that crosses through the “zero point” of the sweep where the modulated delayed signal meets back with the dry signal. Modes for both additive and subtractive flanger, plus barber-pole flanger.
  • 9. PHASE: Choose from 4, 6, or 8 stage phaser. Multiple LFO shapes including envelope follower.
  • 10. PITCH: Modulated pitch shifter. Select your main pitch shift and modulate around it. Extra functionality includes a dry blend and stepped pitch modes.
  • 11. FILT: Modulated filter effects like those on classic analogue synths. Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass. Multiple LFO shapes available including a Q-Tron style envelope follower.

There are no RRPs announced just yet but we would expect these to be similarly priced as the Canyon and Oceans 11. 

The Mod 11 ships with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply.
See EHX for more info.

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