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Electro-Harmonix announces the 5MM Power Amp pedal

Electro-Harmonix has been busy; a day after yesterday’s fuzztastic announcement that the Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi was bringing back a coveted pedal from the 1970s, the company has another brand new one ready with the 5MM Power Amp.

A pedal and a power amp? A compact 2.5-watt power amp, to be exact. Designed to drive any 8 or 16-ohm speaker, the 5MM provides breakup at relatively low volumes for your drive needs with a preamp or overdrive pedal in front of it. Great for playing at home or recording then. And home recording, of course!

As well as a volume control, the 5MM Power Amp also features a Bright Switch to add presence.

Visit EHX for more info.