Stranger Things Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn joins Metallica backstage to play Master Of Puppets

(Image credit: Metallica / YouTube )

We all knew it was inevitable; Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn met Metallica recently backstage at Lollapalooza following his guitar performance of the band's Master Of Puppets in the season 4 finale of Stranger Things.

To say the character of Munson and the performance have been greeted enthusiastically around the world is an understatement, and the 1986 song even entered the UK top 40 for the first time as a result. For their part, Metallica have embraced it and the new fans the Upside Down has brought to their world. 

Hopefully some of them will be picking up a guitar for the first time – let's hope the Hetfieldian downpicking doesn't scare them off. Anyway, Quinn met the band backstage at the US festival, James Hetfield told him him and his family all watch Stranger Things together, and then Quinn braved playing the song through with the band before being gifted the same special edition BC Rich Warlock the actor used in the show (that the members later signed).

High fives all round. We're loving the love this is getting. And later onstage at the Chicago gig Metallica paid tribute Quinn and the series by featuring footage from it while they played. 

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