BC Rich celebrates season four of Netflix show Stranger Things with limited edition Eddie’s Warlock

BC Rich x Stranger Things
(Image credit: BC Rich / Netflix)

BC Rich and Netflix have teamed up for a limited edition Warlock to celebrate season four of Stranger Things, and it might just be the most metal guitar of the guitar.

The electric guitar does not get more metal than the BC Rich Warlock. This special edition Eddie’s Warlock is fashioned after the actual model that Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn), plays in season four of the smash-hit sci-fi. And it is exactly the sort of guitar that the leader of the Hawkins High School’s Dungeons and Dragon’s club – the Hellfire Club – would play, all sharp angles, high-output, demon-slaying, and with a double-locking vibrato for crazy squeals and divebombs.

BC Rich is offering Eddie’s Warlock in three different versions. Let’s start with the smallest – the replica mini-guitar. As you can see in the picture below, this is the Warlock you can use as a paper weight, desk decoration, and it arrives complete with a stand. One for the collectors, it even has the Relic Crackle finish. It is priced $39.99 and available to order now.

BC Rich x Stranger Things

(Image credit: BC Rich)

There are two full-size playable Warlocks here, one Custom Shop model and one mainline NJ Series model.

Both are available in Relic Crackle and Liquid Black finishes and share the same super-aggressive silhouette, bolt-on alder-bodied build, and the Harpoon headstock shape that is the sort of weaponised headstock that you could use to hunt down your friendly neighbourhood Demagorgon.

Other limited edition details include branded control plates, a neck plate branded with the Hellfire Club logo.

The bolt-on maple neck has BC Rich’s Shredzilla Ultra Slim shape, and ebony fingerboard with 24 extra jumbo frets, a Floyd Rose R3 double-locking vibrato and 18:1 custom tuners, and a pair of BC Rich 86 High-Gain humbuckers. 

These humbuckers are selected by a three-way blade switch, individual pickup volume pots and a master tone.

The Custom Shop Eddie’s Warlock has a few upgrades. It has a DiMarzio D Activator X humbucker at the neck and a DiMarzio Super Distortion at the bridge.

And bringing Stranger Things and Slayer fans together in a shared universe, the Custom Shop Eddie's Warlock is equipped with a Kahler 2300 Series double-locking vibrato – a unit that Kerry King has long declared superior to the Floyd Rose. 

The BC Rich Eddie’s Warlock is limited to 200 units apiece and is available to order now. The production model is priced $899, while the Custom Shop model is priced $4,699. See BC Rich for more details.

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