Ernie Ball Music Man unveils limited edition Tim Commerford Artist Series StingRay collection

Ernie Ball Music Man has spec'd up a most exquisite signature StingRay series for former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford. 

Commerford has been a long-time StingRay aficionado and has mixed things up with short- and full-scale StingRays in the series, and a choice of active or passive electronics. Altogether, there are four bass guitars in the series, all with four strings, and each limited to just 50 pieces worldwide.

The short-scale StingRays are offered in Natural and Vintage Sunburst finishes, with the full-scale basses available in Black or Natural. All feature a strings-through-body bridge setup, with adjustable mute pads, a height-adjustable finger ramp, and they are numbered with a signature neck plate.

The Commerford StingRays are fitted with a single MusicMan Neodymium humbucker at the bridge position, with the passive control circuit comprising a 500k push/push volume POT for gain boost, a 100k tone pot with a 0.1uf tone cap. The active basses feature a preamp with 18 volts of headroom and controls for volume, treble, mids and bass.

Necks are fashioned from select roasted maple, with a choice of roasted maple on the full-scale Black model and short-scale Natural model, or rosewood on the short-scale Vintage Sunburst, and ebony on the full-scale Natural models. All have ash bodies, with the necks attached to the body via a five-bolt join.

Elsewhere, there is the usual touch of EBMM luxury, with 22 stainless steel frets, electronic shielding, necks given the full spa treatment with gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend. It's lovely stuff. And, of course, you have the iconic egg-shaped StingRay pickguard and banana-shaped control plate.

The Tim Commerford StingRay collection is available now, priced £2,274 [approx]. See Ernie Ball Music Man for more details and to order direct.

Ernie Ball Music Man Tim Commerford StingRay

(Image credit: Ernie Ball Music Man)
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