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Yamaha unveils 10 new snare drums

Maple Amber Sunburst S Series Snare (left) and Oak Black Sparkle Sunburst L Series Snare (right)
Maple Amber Sunburst S Series Snare (left) and Oak Black Sparkle Sunburst L Series Snare (right)

Yamaha Drums has introduced 10 new snare drum models to its existing line-up. These include additions to the Stage Custom, Musashi and Vintage Series and two brand-new ranges: the S and L Series. Here's the low-down...

Stage Custom Birch

The new Stage Custom snares are made from 6-ply, 100 percent Birch, and mark the first time Yamaha has offered an all-Birch snare drum at an entry-level price. Configurations include 14"x5.5" (BSD-0655), 12"x5" (BSD-1250) and 10"x5" (BSD-1050).

VSD-1460 Vintage Series Snare

The VSD-1460 measures in at 14"x6" with a 4-ply maple shell and 6-ply maple reinforcement-rings. The Vintage snare also includes 60-degree bearing edges, a 2.7mm snare bed and eight lugs.

NSD-1047M Musashi Snare

Yamaha's current Musashi line includes 13" and 12" diameter drums. The NSD-1047M measures 10"x4¾" and boasts a 100 percent oak shell with Musashi black finish.

S (Sensitive) Series

Yamaha's new Sensitive Series line-up includes the MSD-1465 (14"x6.5") the MSD-1455 (14"x5.5") and the MSD-1365 (13"x 6.5") with 60-degree bearing edges on the top, 45-degree bearing edges on the bottom and a 2.7mm snare bed. Yamaha claim the edges and beds work together for extra sensitivity.

L Series

Jim Haler, Yamaha Drums product manager claims: "The L Series snare drums were designed with the rock and metal drummer in mind". Understandably then, the L stands for Loud. Two new Ls have been unveiled - the NSD-1455 (14"x5.5") and the NSD-1470 (14"x7") - both with 8-ply Oak shells, 45-degree bearing edges, nine air vents, a 2.7mm snare bed and 10 lugs.

Prices and availability TBA. See Yamaha Drums for more information.