What's it like drumming live with The Prodigy?

Leo Crabtree
Leo Crabtree

Fresh from a string of victorious festival dates promoting latest album Invaders Must Die, The Prodigy's live drummer Leo Crabtree took time out to talk landing the gig, working with Liam Howlett and drumming live on the 'greatest show on earth'…

"Take Me To The Hospital and Breathe are fantastic to play, to see the crowd go off," Leo told Rhythm Magazine.

"Technically Run With The Wolves is a belter. It was recorded by Dave Grohl who is a huge influence and idol to me. Queens Of The Stone Age's Songs For The Deaf is one of my favourite drum albums. It's a trip to almost be playing with Dave Grohl on stage! A lot of the tracks from Invaders Must Die are pretty demanding."


"I like to beat the shit out of the drums. You get out what you put in. The energy comes both ways. It goes out from us and comes back from the crowd. It's electric, the greatest show on the face of the earth."

You can read the full interview with Leo Crabtree - along with exclusives with Jojo Mayer, Eric Delaney and Girls Aloud sticksman Jerry Brown - in the latest issue of Rhythm, available now.

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