Vinnie Colaiuta rejoins Gretsch

(Image credit: Michael Corral)

Vinnie Colaiuta has rejoined the Gretsch Drums family.

Vinnie, whose credits include Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck and Joni Mitchell, left Gretsch to join up with Ludwig in 2012, but moved on from the latter around 18 months later. Well, now he is back with Gretsch and will be using a brand new USA Custom kit while on Sting's summer tour.

Of the switch, the drum legend commented, "I was in free fall and I made a soft landing. My sound is Gretsch. Home is where the heart is. I came back home."

Vinnie's new kit comes in at a 22"x18", 8"x7", 10"x7", 12"x8", 14"x14", 16"x16" configuration with 12"x4.5" and 14"x5" USA Custom snare drums and a 14"x5" Solid Steel snare.

Unsurprisingly Don Lombardi, founder of DW Drums and chairman of the board, is suitably enthused to have Vinnie back on board. He said, "Welcoming Vinnie as a part of the Gretsch Drums Family is incredibly exciting. His amazing talent and passion for playing drums has inspired generations of artists. Gretsch is honoured to make him drums he is inspired to play."

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