TRX Introduces Big Bell Rides in ALT and BRT Series

The BRT series Big Bell Ride is extra heavy to provide bright dry projection and clarity
The BRT series Big-Bell Ride is extra-heavy to provide bright, dry projection and clarity

PRESS RELEASE: The TRX Cymbal Co. has announced the immediate availability of two new 21" ride cymbals with larger, more prominent bells. The medium-heavy ALT series Big-Bell Ride features an natural bell and a traditional, lathed surface for a warm, resonant tone plus excellent stick definition and is recommended for mainstream rock and Latin-playing situations.

The highly-polished, unlathed and hand-hammered BRT series Big-Bell Ride is extra-heavy to provide the bright, dry projection and clarity required for hardcore, metal, and punk applications. In both cases, the over-sized bells on the cymbals provide a large, high-pitched, almost piercing bell area while also creating greater definition from the ride area.

TRX handcrafted, genuine Turkish 21" Big-Bell Rides carry a suggested retail price of $475.

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