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TRX announces 'vented' Grilles cymbals

TRX Grilles cymbals
TRX Grilles cymbals

PRESS RELEASE: New Grilles from TRX Cymbals feature a distinctive design and venting system that give them a unique sound that's more than a crash but less than a china.

New "Grilles" effects cymbals from the TRX Cymbal Co. utilize an exclusive combination of design elements and venting to create a new range of cymbals with a unique appearance and quality of sound. Recommended for a variety of contemporary musical styles, Grilles have a wonderfully trashy sound that stands out from other cymbals without overpowering them.

According to TRX, the cymbals have been developed for drumming situations where drummers need something that's more than a crash but less than a china.

TRX Grilles are MDM (Medium) Series crashes with a brilliant finish that have the T, R, and X of the company's name cut in the face of the cymbal. Although the letter shapes were originally intended to produce both a visual and a tonal effect, the irregular shapes proved to have a greater impact on the cymbal's sound than standard circular and oval holes - creating a shorter, nastier, more complex and intense tone than other venting methods.

TRX Grilles are available in 16", 18", and 20" sizes that retail for $350, $400, and $450.

For more information, visit TRX Cymbals' official site

Information taken from official press release

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