The Weekend Woodshed

New album set for August release
New album set for August release

He should be locked up

Death Grips drummer Zach Hill out-Animals Animal from The Muppets in this clip, in which he's playing some crazy stuff while literally handcuffed. Mentalist.

Pyongyang paradiddles

There is something very funny about tiny North Korean kids playing music. Like this pair of very small, freakishly talented and very intense drummers.

Cats + drums = awesome

This is great. The cat really isn't arsed. And then...

Drum cover of the week

With a little of Avenged Sevenfold's latest album leaked out this month, we're getting very excited for the August release date and finding out what new boy Arin Ilejay's brought to the table. Here's Jackson Ward doing a cover of A7X's 'A Little Piece Of Heaven'. If you're gonna have a set-up that big, you'd better be good. Luckily, he is!

If you've done a drum cover you're particularly proud of, or if you've seen an awesome one recently - email us at!