Super Drumming Volume 3 DVD

Not just great, but super!
Not just great, but super!

If you want to do something really well, who are you going to watch - Crazy Nick with the busted hi-hat down the street? No, you're going to seek out the best the world has to offer. The new DVD, Super Drumming, by MVD Entertainment, makes it one-stop shopping.

Super Drumming features some of the world's greatest drummers and percussionists doing what they do best, either as soloists or as the rhythm givers for the band. Such talents as Pete York, Mark Brezicki, Gerry Brown, Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham, Jon Hisemann, Dave Mattacks, Nippy Noya, Simon Phillips, Cozy Powell, Zak Starkey, Ed Thigpen and more, all deliver spectacular performances under the roof of an old church and abandoned steel factory.

On this edition, The German TV and radio station "SWR" has compiled individual performances - the so-called "Specials" - from the three original series. These specials can be seen on the Super Drumming DVDs "Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2". "Vol. 3" boasts another 40 tracks, including numerous highlights from the series as well as tunes never-before broadcasted. This DVD is the best and only way to witness these legendary drummers together in action!

So watch, listen, and drum. The retail price is $19.95US list. Fore more information, visit the official MVD Entertainment Group website.


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