Spaun debuts the "Inferno" signature snare

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Spaun Inferno snare

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 but lookin good

...but lookin' good

Spaun Inferno snare

Sometimes a snare drum comes along that is so cool looking, it's a shame it has to stay hidden behind the rest of the kit. Such a snare is the new "Inferno," by the Spaun Drum Company.

This is the signature snare for "Inferno, " drummer of Poland's Black Metal band Behemoth. And like the name of the band, this thing's big - a massive 8 x 14 18-ply shell with a Gunmetal Metallic finish, custom graphics, black hardware, and die cast hoops. It features 10 outer plies of maple and eight inner plies of birch, and is outfitted with Spaun's exclusive solid brass lugs.

An extremely aggressive snare drum, it has the power and cut necessary to fuel "Inferno." Maybe it's right for you too. List price is $1,350.00US.

For more information, visit the official Spaun Drum Company website.