Slayer frontman discusses firing Dave Lombardo

Contract dispute at heart of drummer's demise
Contract dispute at heart of drummer's demise (Image credit: Press Line Photos/Corbis)

Dave Lombardo was fired from Slayer in a joint band decision after a disagreement over contract details, frontman Tom Araya has revealed.

Lombardo left the band earlier this year, being replaced first by Jon Dette and then Paul Bostaph.

Araya told Steppin' Out: "Dave had been jamming with us for a while as a working member of the band, but he wasn't a partner. You have to have agreements so nobody feels cheated. We had ongoing issues, and finally he put us in a position where we had to find someone to replace him.

"He wasn't happy so he decided to have his Facebook rant, and told the world about things that are legally binding and private. Kerry, Jeff and I got on the phone and made a collective decision: we let Dave go and gave Paul a call."

Since his departure from Slayer Lombardo has been working with his side project, Philm. The band had been due for a UK show this August, but cancelled the gig due to unforeseen circumstances.

Rich Chamberlain

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