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Simmons SDMK4 digital multi-pad electronic drum set

All this and sticks too!
All this and sticks too!

You live in a studio apartment but you want to practice your awesome drum solos. What a dilemma! Now you can get your act together without moving out to the country with the new Simmons SDMK4 digital multi-pad electronic drum set.

Whether you're practicing or recording, the Simmons is designed to offer great sounds and a comfortable feel. The unit features seven velocity-sensitive pads, 76 different percussion sounds, 20 programmable drum kits, and three digital reverbs - in other words, a plethora of options. A built-in metronome and learning indicator guide seem like handy little extras.

The SDMK4 can record songs of up to 1000 notes. Frankly, we never counted the amount of notes in a song, but we imagine 1000 will get you pretty far. Battery power offers flexibility and portability - if you're ever on that proverbial desert island, you can still work out some licks while you talk to your soccer ball. And there's even MIDI, so you can use it to control other drum modules (which is very important on a desert island). Two foot pedals and a pair of drumsticks included.

Obviously, it's not meant to replace your double bass drum work of art, but if you want a workable electronic unit that won't set you back to much, it's worth a look. The SDMK4 goes for $330.00 US list. For more information, visit the official Simmons Drums website.