Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach

Better than your brother s head
Better than your brother's head

Banging on your brother's head may be fun, but when it comes to drumming, it has its limitations. If you want to practice like a pro, you need a pro practice device. The Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach is what we're talkin' about.

The RMP-3 made headlines when it was announced in early 2005. Today, Roland builds on its winning rhythm line with the new RMP-5. Sharing a few key features in common with the popular RMP-3, the RMP-5 has a great-feeling, tunable mesh drumhead, and a convenient one-piece molded body with integrated pad and brain. The RMP-5 strides to the front of the class, however, with its 54 onboard PCM sounds (including snare drums, kick, cymbals, and percussion instruments; the RMP-3 has no built-in sampled sounds) plus an external dual trigger input so you can add a kick and cymbal pad for drum kit practice.

The RMP-5 also features an advanced, expanded Rhythm Coach mode. When activated, the Rhythm Coach challenges drummers in a fun and friendly way with functions such as Time Check, Auto Up/Down, and Stroke Balance to help develop consistent stick technique. As an added bonus, the Time Check and Stroke Balance exercises can be used simultaneously for a dual-power workout. The Rhythm Coach can even grade your performance, so you can chart your progress. (But no cursing the Rhythm Coach -- it's only doing its job.)

U.S. list price is $279.00.