Roland hybrid drum set-up explained

Drum Expo 2013: What is the hybrid drum kit concept? The theory of hybrid is simple. Take your existing acoustic drums and an electronic percussion module, add some electronic pads or triggers and you have a 'hybrid' set-up for the best of both worlds.

Let's start at the beginning, with your acoustic drum kit, which has plenty of plus points:

  • The look and loudness helps to create the 'presence' of the drums
  • The great feel of the stick hitting the cymbals and drum heads
  • The tonal soundscape the drummer can create from the blend of metals and woods

But there are also a few drawbacks:

  • In quieter venues they can overpower or be too loud
  • In a venue without the ability to mic the kick and snare (at a minimum), the full tone can be lost in the mix of instruments and dynamics are harder to hear

Then we have the electronic drum kit which has plenty of advantages too:

  • Hundreds of drums and kits at your fingertips for every musical situation
  • Every dynamic and ghost note can be played and heard
  • Gives the drummer complete control of the drum mix and it's easy to balance the mix of instruments on stage without over-cranking the volume.

But there are even more advantages to going hybrid and adding electronics into your acoustic set-up

  • You can play acoustic and electronic sounds simultaneously, when using RT-10 Series Acoustic Drum Triggers, perfect for when you can't mic your drums or want a different sound
  • You get hundreds of drums, cymbals, percussion, music and sampling at your fingertips. Cowbells, sub drops, blocks, effects and even music and vocals can be triggered
  • An on-board click/metronome for practise or super-tight performances
  • Sample in your own drum or percussion sounds and trigger them

More than drums

Adding in percussion and drums is just one element of hybrid though. The great thing about the addition of electronics is they bring a musical element to your performance. Imagine being able to play those additional tracks that you recorded in the studio on the live stage. If it's on the record, it can be played on the stage too. So with a hybrid drum kit, you not only have drum and percussion sounds on tap but also;

  • Your own samples including vocals
  • Special effects
  • Musical notes
  • Patterns and loops

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