Rick Rubin wanted Ginger Baker to join Black Sabbath

Producer suggested Cream man to replace Bill Ward
Producer suggested Cream man to replace Bill Ward

Now this we would love to have seen - Rick Rubin suggested Ginger Baker as Bill Ward's replacement in Black Sabbath.

The producer put the Cream drummer's name forward to step in for Ward to record Sabbath's forthcoming album, 13, Tony Iommi has revealed to Rolling Stone.

On his reaction to the suggestion, Iommi said: "I thought, 'Bloody hell!' I just couldn't see that."

Baker, who was recently named as the world's craziest drummer, was overlooked in favour of Brad Wilk.

And, judging by Ginger's last interview with Rhythm, we're not too sure he'd have welcomed the chance to work with the heavy metal trailblazers. Back in our June 2012 issue, when asked about his influence on rock drummers, Ginger told us: "...The heavy metal thing, giving birth to that, we should have aborted it. we should have aborted that kid. i hate heavy metal."

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