NAMM 2013: DW unveils Collector's snares, 9000 pedals and more

DW's concrete Collector's snare
DW's concrete Collector's snare

NAMM 2013: The guys at Drum Workshop aren't messing around at NAMM this year, with some serious tasty gear unveiled.

Up first, we have a new addition to the ever-popular Collector's Series line - the DW Concrete snares. These drums (available in 14"x5.5" or 6.5") have been conjured up as something a little different from your average snare, not surprising really given that it packs a (as the name suggests) 5.5mm concrete shell. DW's drum designer John Good confirmed that the material and thickness had been chosen in an effort to offer up as wide a range of sounds as possible.

The second addition to DW's Collector's Series is a 14"x5.5"/6.5" aluminum-shelled offering. This drum ships with a 1mm thick shell, which DW suggests will deliver a more resonant overtone-packed sound than thicker shelled snares currently in the DW stable.

Finally, we have a tweak rather than a full-blown new product, DW's much-loved 9000 pedals have been given a little TLC. The flagship single and double models now feature a Tri-Pivot Toe clamp that includes three self-adjusted rubber pads and an EZ-Adjust Infinite Cam.

Also coming out from the DW stable, under the PDP brand, is a brand new limited edition snare. The 20-ply all birch drum is available in 14"x5.5" or 14"x6.5" sizes and comes in a black lacquer finish. The snare also features PDP's True Pitch MAG throw off, Concept Series dual-turret lugs, True Tone snare wires, three position butt plate and True Pitch tension rods.

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