NAMM 2012: Triple-D10 Digital Drum Set

Acorn's newest features 600 drum and percussion sounds and 20 mallet instruments
Acorn's newest features 600 drum and percussion sounds and 20 mallet instruments

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Acorn Instruments adds a second digital drum set to
their lineup with the introduction of the Triple-D10. Like the Triple-D5 introduced last
year, the Triple-D10 offers great feel and rugged construction.

In addition, the Triple-
D10 features an expanded sound library, dual-zone cymbal pads with choke-strip, a
separate kick drum pad and greater flexibility in setup. The Triple-D10 is fully USB
class compliant for use with your favourite music production software on Mac or PC.

Meticulous care was taken to capture the richest, most realistic sound samples

The Triple-D10 features over 600 widely diverse drum and percussion sounds,
more than 20 mallet instruments, and a full complement of DSP effects which can be
configured and stored in up to 50 user-definable drum kits. Levels and tuning for each
instrument within a kit can be individually adjusted, then add reverb and chorus to get
your mix just right.

The Triple-D10 includes a number of features designed to help you become a better
drummer. A metronome is included with tap tempo adjust, plus more than 50 time-
signature options. Pre-recorded practice songs are included from a wide range of styles
to help you practice your groove. There's also a built-in record option which allows you
to store up to 10 performances so you can listen back and fine-tune your playing.

The threshold, sensitivity, cross-talk, and velocity curve for each pad can be configured
independently for an individually optimised response. The rubber coated pads provide
exactly the right amount of bounce to make the kit comfortable to play and avoid fatigue.
No matter what style of music you're playing, whether in the studio or on stage, the
Triple-D10 will deliver a superb performance every time.

Triple-D10 Features:

  • 5-piece kit configuration.
  • Dual-zone snare drum pad.
  • Independent kick drum pedal and trigger pad.
  • Dual-zone hi-hat pad with foot controller.
  • Three highly durable tom pads.
  • Two dual-zone cymbal pads with choke-strip for crash and ride.
  • Ergonomic rack mounting system (independent adjustable arms for snare and hi-hat).
  • Custom LCD display.
  • Over 600 drum and percussion sounds.
  • Over 20 mallet instruments.
  • 50 user-customisable memory kit locations.
  • Metronome with over 50 time-signature options.
  • Practice tracks and demos.
  • Built-in record option allows you to store up to 10 performances.
  • Built-in effects such as reverb and chorus.
  • Standard 1/4-inch headphone jack, plus stereo out and stereo aux input jacks for
  • connecting external equipment.
  • Fully USB class compliant.

The Triple-D10 will begin shipping in April, 2012 with a US MSRP of $599.99 and an
estimated street price of $499.99.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Acorn.

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