NAMM 2012: Lighter, stronger Yamaha HexRack II

The HexRack II is twice as strong as its predecessor, says Yamaha.
The HexRack II is twice as strong as its predecessor, says Yamaha.

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Yamaha Drums introduces the versatile HexRack II drum set mounting system at Winter NAMM 2012. Fully compatible with components from the previous model, the HexRack II features grooves cut into the pipes, which make the rack even more durable than its predecessor.

Innovations include lightweight aluminum pipes (the lightest on the market) and sleek, remodelled clamps. Once drummers get used to the settings, the HexRack II is the fastest rack to set up.

Fully customisable vertically and horizontally, the HexRack II is ideal for creating basic set-ups along with elaborate, customised configurations to hold cymbals, acoustic drums, electric drums, cymbals and accessories, including percussion instruments and multi-pads.

"The HexRack II is an amazing piece of engineering," said David Jewell, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums, Pro Audio and Combo Division. "The newly re-designed HexRack II pipes are twice as durable as the previous model and it's the lightest rack system on the market, making it even more user friendly for gigging musicians."

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Yamaha.

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