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Musikmesse 2015: Pearl debuts 14x6.5" One Piece Maple Snare

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Snug: each snare comes with a leather carry case

Snug: each snare comes with a leather carry case

14x6.5" One Piece Maple Snare

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Pearl 14x6.5" One Piece Maple Snare

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14x6.5" One Piece Maple Snare

MUSIKMESSE 2015: Pearl has announced the release of an extremely limited run of 14" x 6.5" One Piece Maple Solid Snares.

Only 49 of the snares will be available in Europe at a riff raff-scaring RRP of €1189.

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Pearl One Piece Maple (14"x6.5") press release

Pearl is proud to introduce a One Piece Maple Solid Snare Drum in 14" x 6.5" size.

Since 1989 Pearl makes one-ply steam-bent maple shells. With its distinctive and highly desirable warmth, depth and smooth sensitivity, these one-ply Maple drums give drummers a true timeless tone.

As it is made from a single piece, premium-grade Maple into a strong and beautiful sounding drum, this superb snare is a true piece of craftsmanship.

There is something in the warmth, resonance, and full-bodied sound that a solid shell produces that plied shells just cannot replicate. It is this unique feature that makes the one piece solid snare drums a genuine choice for the drummer that is looking for an organic sound.

Whether it's played in the studio, theater or concert venue, this drum will have a presence that can be felt and heard, in the way it projects, with its warmth and resonance.

Each one piece Solid Maple Snare drum comes with an embossed and luxuriously padded Genuine Leather Carrying Bag to preserve and protect this spectacular instrument for years and years of enjoyment. Only 49 solid Maple Snare Drums are available in the Europe.


  • RRP: €1189
  • Dimensions: 14" x 6.5"
  • Shell: One-ply 7.5mm Maple steam-bent shell
  • Hoops: MasterCast
  • Lugs: CL-65
  • Strainer: SR-017
  • Snares: S-022N