Kanye West records "best hip-hop beat" for Jay-Z

Kanye West - blinded by his own skills
Kanye West - blinded by his own skills

Kanye West says he's close to completing production on Jay-Z's highly-anticipated new album, The Blueprint 3.

And the ever-modest West says he's made probably the best hip-hop beat of all time.

Kanye explains: "I finished his (Jay-Z's) album and he released four songs that were potentially gonna be on the album… So I gotta go back and do four.

"I just did one beat the other day in Hawaii - probably one of the best hip-hop beats of all time, if I do say so myself. I just gotta do three more beats and we're done, 'cause he's got classics. He's got songs that are better than any of the things you've heard leaked."

"Jay-Z's got songs better than any of the things you've heard leaked" Kanye West

Five tracks named

Tracks called Jockin Jay-Z, Swagga Like Us and Brooklyn Go Hard have previously leaked from the album sessions and Jay-Z has confirmed they will all appear on the final disc. Speaking to The Wake Up Show, West added that two more tracks will be called Everyday A Star Is Born and Forever Young.

There is still no release date set for The Blueprint 3. At the time he performed for Barack Obama's inauguration, Jay-Z said:

"I don't have any quotas, and that's a good thing. It may be too freeing. It's a good thing and a bad thing. 'Cause if I had restrictions, I would have done it in three weeks. I would have made what I believe to be a great piece of art."

Guests on The Blueprint 3 include TI, Lil Wayne, Tony Williams, Andre 3000 and Santogold.