Jojo Mayer UK clinic tour announced

Nerve man set for UK dates
Nerve man set for UK dates (Image credit: Sayre Berman/Corbis)

We're big Jojo Mayer fans here at Rhythm HQ, so news that the Nerve drummer is heading to the UK for a full tour has pretty much made our year.

Mayer will kick off a batch of dates this October. You can catch him at the following headline clinics;

4 October: Absolute Music, Bournemouth

5 October: Drum Depot, Cardiff

6 October: XMusic, Dublin

7 October: Mr Drums, Northern Ireland

8 October: Rhythm Base, Glasgow

9 October: Drumshop, Gateshead

10 October: Northern Drum Centre, Leeds

Yup, that's right, he's hitting up England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Nice. For more details contact your local venue. And if by any chance you need any persuading to get yourself to one of these clinics, check this out.

Rich Chamberlain

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