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Jens Hannemann's Complicated Drumming Technique DVD

He boggles his own mind. Let him have a go at yours.
He boggles his own mind. Let him have a go at yours.

Current drum DVDs got you down? Just not "complicated" enough? Rejoice! Now there's a drum instructional DVD that is so complex that even the world's top drummers can't figure it out.

Fred Armisen, the bespectacled Saturday Night Live cast member who also happens to have played drums for the likes of Trenchmouth, Blue Man Group, and Those Bastard Souls, recently released an instructional drumming DVD called "Fred Armisen Presents: Jens Hannemann 'Complicated Drumming Technique.'"

The 28-minute long DVD, released by Drag City, features a pony-tailed Jens in a Hawaiian T-shirt doling out words of drumming wisdom and introducing viewers to complicated techniques such as the "Fluid Engine," which is counted off in a 29/3 time signature. Viewers will walk away knowing how to "dominate a jam session." In addition to the opening and closing credits, there are also sections titled "Just In Time Breakdown," "Polynesian Nightmare," "Polynesian Nightmare Breakdown," and the much-requested "Drum Tips 1, 2 and 3."

Jens Hannemann doesn't profess to make you a better drummer, just a more complicated one. You can pick up this DVD at Drag City. List price U.S. is $16.00.

Oh, and by the way, this DVD is a complete spoof, but it's one of the funniest things MusicRadar seen in a long time. Check out this YouTube commercial.