HQ SoundOff Bass Drum Mute

Did you hear that? We didn't either.
Did you hear that? We didn't either.

You're laying down a steady 2 and 4. Only problem is, your neighbor is ready to clock you with a 2 x 4. What to do? With the new HQ SoundOff Bass Drum Mute, everybody's happy.

In the world of practicing drummers, drum mutes are a necessity to keep the peace. The problem is that most mutes curb noise by sacrificing feel. HQ SoundOff Drum Mutes promote realistic practice sessions by allowing drummers to use their own drumsets. SoundOffs mount efficiently to playing surfaces and reduce volume by up to 95%.

The new HQ SoundOff Bass Drum Mute will be welcomed by drummers who own a "gigging kit" with a smaller bass drum in addition to a rock kit with a power kick. The amazing new mute, with its unique attachment clamps, will fit any bass drum within the 16" to 26" range and provide realistic rebound.

"Everything the contemporary drummer needs for silent practice is available," says Senior Evans Product Manager Mike Robinson. "Drummers will appreciate the realistic feel of the mutes while friends and family will appreciate the silence."

U.S. list price is $59.99 -- which pales in comparison to relocating.

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