HQ RealFeel Snare Cartridge Pad

When you care to snare, it's there
When you care to snare, it's there

As every drummer surely knows, nothing feels like a RealFeel (pun fully intended). Now the folks at HQ Percussion have added a great new dimension to their impressive line of RealFeel practice pads.

With the RealFeel Snare Cartridge Pad, it's snares on or snares off -- whatever mood you're in, no problem. Here's a innovative product that can double as both a snare and a standard pad. Better still, you can make the change in moments. By offering the option of toggling between sounds on a single pad, HQ has introduced adjustability to the practice pad equation.

Before the RealFeel Snare Cartridge Pad was introduced, players were forced to buy multiple pads to get multiple drum sounds. What a drag. With its removable cartridge, the Snare Cartridge Pad enables players to alternate between a snare sizzle and a dry sound, all on the same pad.

The RealFeel Snare Cartridge Pad is 9" in diameter and features the same durable construction and refined aesthetics as other HQ pads (instantly identifiable with their steel gray/textured rubber look and black, powder-coated base). The snare cartridge sits in a hollow on the underside of the pad, until removed.

So give the drummer some snare. Or not. You decide. U.S. list price $74.99.

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