Gavin Harrison set for European clinic tour

Gavin Harrison is heading all over Europe next month for a Zildjian-backed clinic tour.

The Porcupine Tree ace will kick off the jaunt in Italy on 16 April before heading into the UK for a clutch of shows.

You can catch Gavin at PMT in Manchester on 7 May, Drum Depot in Cardiff on 8, London's Wembley Drum Centre on 9 and finally Nevada Music in Portsmouth on 10 May.

Bob Wiczling, Zildjian's International Marketing Manager, had this to say about the tour: "We are extremely proud to be able to bring Gavin out to perform clinics in Europe. Gavin continues to be one of the world's most sought after clinicians. As well as his acoustic Zildjian cymbals Gavin will also be incorporating Zildjian's exciting new Gen 16 AE Acoustic Electric cymbal system into his performance "

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Rich Chamberlain

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