DW 35th Anniversary Gold Single Pedal

Too bad it has to sit behind the kit
Too bad it has to sit behind the kit

According to the Chicago Public Libary's Information Center, a 35th wedding anniverary is the coral or "jade" anniverary, while the 50th is the "golden" anniversary. Drum Workshop, or DW, simply couldn't wait, so they threw their golden anniversary 15 years early. And with a bass pedal this stunning, who could blame them?

For 35 years, DW's 5000 Series bass drum pedals have remained the drummer's choice and the standard of the industry. DW is celebrating this anniversary by offering the Gold 5000 Accelerator Single Pedal. Fully functional and plated in real 24-karat gold, this pedal is a working collectors' item that captures the spirit of quality and innovation that infuses DW hardware. Complete with matching gold case and drum key, the Gold 5000 will be limited to 1,000 units and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The DW 5000AD3 Accelerator Chain-Drive Single Pedal features a host of refinements and upgrades to its original, performance-proven design. The 5000AD3 features a strap drive accelerator (offset cam) system. It also features an aluminum hex shaft, pedal plate and linkage, stackable heel plate, dual/side adjusting hoop clamp, 101 two-way beater, built-in spurs, plus all the versatility, adjustability, and reliability that allow players to customize the feel and performance to fit the way they play. Includes pedal bag (not gold-plated -- sorry).

U.S. list price is $833.99. And hey, it's worth its weight in...you know what.

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