Bon Jovi shows canned after Tico Torres' emergency surgery

Tico and his Bon Jovi pals
Tico and his Bon Jovi pals

Bon Jovi have been forced to cancel a batch of tour dates after Tico Torres required emergency surgery.

The drummer underwent emergency appendix surgery, curtailing their South American shows, after he was rushed to hospital yesterday in Mexico City.

But it seems that Tico, plucky as ever, attempted to defy medical advice by pleading with doctors to allow him to play that night's show before going under the knife.

Frontman Jon Bon Jovi said in a statement: "It was his desire to perform. He even promised he would come back for surgery right after the show, but the doctors prevailed.

"Tico sends his thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We'll remain with him and will see him through his release."

We already knew that Tico was a trooper - just check out this kit tour in which his tech tells us that the 59-year-old drummer keeps an oxygen mask on stage with him to help him keep up with Bon Jovi's energy-sapping show.

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