BIMM launches part-time music courses

A batch of budding BIMM students. Drums just out of shot. Probably.
A batch of budding BIMM students. Drums just out of shot. Probably.

Renowned music college BIMM has confirmed details of a part time study option on three of their BA (hons) courses that will begin at their Brighton Campus in October 2014.

This option will be available on the college's Music Business, Songwriting and Music Production courses.

"We're very proud of the diversity of courses on offer at BIMM and the new part time BA (Hons) courses will open BIMM up to a whole new demographic of students"said Vaseema Hamilton (Principal - BIMM Brighton, Bristol and Manchester).

"By offering part time learning, we're giving the opportunity to many potential students who have not had the option open to them to study towards something that's completely new or to gain further education for those already working in the music industry. All the students will have full access to BIMM's extensive facilities as well as being able to soak up the atmosphere of creativity on campus, a key part of the learning experience."

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Rich Chamberlain

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