Another new Jay-Z track leaks online

Jay-Z: Record? What record?
Jay-Z: Record? What record?

Hopefully, Jay-Z is working on a double CD, because a new track, the seventh in a year, has been leaked online. It's called When The Money Goes, from an album rumored to be called The Blueprint III.

What's interesting about these leaks, which have come via radio or the Internet, is that, so far, there's still no official word from Jay-Z's label, Def Jam, that the MC is even working on a new record.

The leaks keep on coming

Even so, the steady stream of songs suggest something is happening. Last year we had the Kanye West-produced Jockin' Jay-Z, which was followed by Swagga Like Us featuring West, Lil Wayne and T.I. Other cuts were DJ Khaled's Go Hard (remix) and Jay-Z's own tracks History and Brooklyn Go Hard featuring Santogold.

That's a lot of material for a guy who isn't technically working on a record. Or is he? Nobody's at Def Jam is saying.

In the meantime, check out When The Money Goes below.

Joe Bosso

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