Superbooth 24: Dreadbox reinvents the Murmux analogue synth in a limited-edition 8-voice version called Adept

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Dreadbox has announced the release of a new and limited-edition version of its Murmux analogue synth, first launched in 2014, and it's a rather beastly 5kg unit clad in tweed with pleasingly retro wooden panels.

Murmux Adept bumps up the specs of its predecessors significantly, offering 8-voice polyphony through two analogue VCOs capable of continuous waveshaping, oscillator sync, detuning and PWM. 

The oscillators run through an analogue filter section with 24dB/oct low-pass and 6dB/oct high-pass filters, along with filter FM and a 6dB/oct low frequency booster to give your bass-heavy patches some heft.

The synth's modulation section offers you two ADSR envelope generators to be shaped with handy sliders, a global LFO and a polyphonic LFO that modulates each of the synth's voices independently. 

What's more, Murmux Adept arrives with built-in effects, including a versatile analogue BBD chorus that can also apply flanger and comb filtering, and a digital stereo delay.

As for connectivity, on the back panel you'll find MIDI in/out and a USB connection alongside a headphone out and stereo out. 

Priced at 2699€, Murmux Adept is a limited-edition synth and only 300 units will be made, so if you're interested, you best move quickly. 

Find out more on Dreadbox's website or watch a demo from Andertons below.

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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