Sander van Doorn interview and studio video

The video above is from Sander van Doorn's exclusive In The Studio video in Future Music Magazine in 2009. Below we catch up with Sander to see if much has changed with the studio and what's been happening with his career and his plans for 2013.

Are you still in the same studio as the video above with the same gear?
"Well, I actually just ordered the new Mac, and I'm also looking into getting some new studio monitors because I'm not that happy with my current ones. But in general my studio gear hasn't really changed over the years, besides the addition of a few new synths."

"It seems like the rest of the world has been watching the Americans jumping around and having a lot of fun and now they've decided they want that as well."

Since we saw you last, the American appetite for dance music has exploded and you've been signed by Roc Nation…
"The US market is really amazing right now. The people are musically educated for the most part and they really go for it! Yeah, the Roc Nation thing has been a crazy addition to a very good year for me. The label signed 'Nothing Inside' which I think is a perfect fit for what they are releasing on that imprint right now.

"I have said that, for me as a producer, it's always great when more people will get exposed to what you do and being on Roc Nation will certainly allow for that possibility!"

Does this 'market' affect how you work in the studio?
"I wouldn't say that this influences me in the studio, I usually have a melody that I start out with and I work the track from there. Producers will understand the fact that when you get into a writing situation, anything can happen! American and European crowds are actually becoming more and more similar to be honest! It seems like the rest of the world has been watching the Americans jumping around and having a lot of fun and now they've decided they want that as well. Even in Holland, where sometimes the crowds might be a bit reserved, I have seen a real change in the energy of people going out. It's a great time for electronic music!"

Many dance artists are working with Pop acts, is this something you're doing or would like to do?
"I am open to the possibilities if I like the artists work."

Would you say there are any negative sides to the mass-appeal of Dance music and the explosion of dance music in the US?
"Well, I don't know the future but if we all treat what we have going with respect and fun, I think things will continue on a positive trend. People have to decide where to spend their money and that means saying no to some things. The club culture will always survive. It goes commercial and back underground, that's the way it's always been."

Who's been the biggest influence on you as a music producer so far in your career and why?
"I would say my family because they allowed me to follow my dream and funded my start. And, my brother introduced me to artists like Depeche Mode, which probably planted the electronic music seed for me very early on."

"I'm still doing a lot with the Sylenth because it has such a wide range of possibilities to tweak a sound."

How difficult is it to balance your time to keep you at the top of your game? Is it hard to manage studio time and touring and press etc…
"Actually, unless my travel schedule is very intense, I really have managed a good balance. When I'm touring I can always write in the hotel room since sometimes I have a day or two between flights. I also produce on the flights, and I try and sleep as much as I can in between."

Any new studio tips and tricks you've got for our readers?
"NO! Just kidding. We're looking into recording a new series of 'Studio Sessions' next year as I get a lot of requests from fans that they'd love to get some help with producing. So the best tip I can give the readers for now is to look out for those in 2013!"

What's been the best plug-in you've been using recently and why?
"I'm still doing a lot with the Sylenth because it has such a wide range of possibilities to tweak a sound. Furthermore, I'm testing out a few other bits and pieces which might I might use in of my upcoming tracks!"

What are you using to DJ at the moment and why? Are you having to tour more elaboate 'shows' now rather than the standard DJ set?
"I DJ on Pioneer CDJ-2000 and don't use any software. I have Unlimited Productions from NL that handles my visuals and I would say that's a massive element to what I do when I play. It's designed and produced, but always live mixed with what I play at each show. So it's never the same no matter where in the world I play."

Who's the next big thing for you? Which producers should we go and look up?
"I think Julian Jordan and Firebeatz will be ones to watch. Also like the live aspect of Goldfish from South Africa. On the techno side, I would say Matador is an amazing producer."

What's coming up for you?
"Working on a new album and have a new collaboration with Mark Knight and (I think I can reveal) Underworld! Very excited about this one!"

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