Korg MS-20 Mini

DJ EXPO 2014: Korg's classic MS-20 monophonic synthesizer, first introduced in 1978, is still coveted to this day thanks to its unique sound driven by its powerful, iconic analog filters and its versatile patching options.

Many people have also enjoyed the distinct MS-20 sounds in the form of our MS-20 plug-in synth, the MS-20 engine in our Kronos workstation, or the iMS-20 iPad app.

The sounds of the MS-20 have now been reborn in hardware, as the MS-20 Mini. The same engineers who developed the original have perfectly reproduced its circuitry and fit into a body that's been designed to 86 per cent of the original size and offers absolutely authentic analog synth sound.

The Spinto Band - Shake It Off (Korg remix)

Inspired by the MS-20 Mini, our friends in The Spinto Band embarked on a Korg-based remix project of their infectious single Shake It Off. Making use of MS-20 Mini, MicroKorg, Monotron Delay, Monotron Duo, Monotribe and plenty more from the Korg family, they offer a unique spin on their sound!

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