Junglator app brings interactive jungle and DnB to iOS

This month sees the release of Junglator for iOS, an interactive music playback app which will appeal to casual iOS DJs and fans of classic rave.

Created by developer Amplify, the app allows users to mix beats and loops together and blend in effects - including filters, pitch control and and various FX sounds - using a grid of buttons. The interface is both attractive and simple to use, and beats are kept automatically sync'd - so users can concentrate solely on performance.

Junglator comes armed with three backing tracks and multiple effects, from pitch control and filter sweeps to drops and breakdowns. You'll even find classic white noise and lazer-style noises in its bank, allowing for some rave-friendly creative diversions.

Junglator is out now for $0.99/£0.59. Check out the official video demo above, and for more information visit Jungulator on the App Store.