Audiomovers launches Off The Record interview series with first episode featuring Dire Straits producer Chuck Ainlay

Music software manufacturer Audiomovers has launched a new interview series. Off The Record features interviews with a variety of "artists, producers and engineers at the very top of their game" and will explore their creative process and the stories behind their biggest hits.

The first episode of Off The Record features Grammy-winning producer and engineer Chuck Ainlay, known for working with Taylor Swift, Dire Straits and Peter Frampton, among others. 

Speaking to Audiomovers, Ainlay told the story of how he almost missed the opportunity to work on Dire Straits 1991 album On Every Street after mistaking the band's manager's phone call for a prank. "I get a phone call, I pick up the phone and this guy's got this really extravagant English accent. I thought it was a friend playing a prank on me," Ainlay says. "Fortunately they called back the next day, and off I went to London."

"They were the biggest band in the world at the time, they had the biggest album ever and the biggest tour ever, and this was their next album," Ainlay continues. "It was pretty intense for me." 

Later episodes in the series will feature interviews with Vance Powell (Adele, Arctic Monkeys), F. Reid Shippen (Steven Tyler, Shania Twain) and Jeff Balding (Eagles, Jelly Roll). 

Owned by Abbey Road Studios, Audiomovers make audio tools that facilitate remote collaboration. The LISTENTO app and plugin enables producers to stream uncompressed, multichannel audio and MIDI data between two DAWs in real time. 

Find out more on Audiomovers' website.

Matt Mullen
Tech Features Editor

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