David Hasselhoff throws the horns and goes Through The Night with his new heavy metal project

David Hasselhoff
(Image credit: Maximilian Lottmann)

Television's David Hasselhoff has teamed up with Austrian metal duo CueStack to record a single and cement his status as a newly minted heavy metal frontman by shooting a crazy promo video.

The project started to come together in 2018, when Hoff superfans CueStack – Martin Kames and Bernth Brodträger – set about working on material with the goal of corralling the TV superstar into a studio to track their single, Through The Night. 

A year later, they had the Hoff at their disposal in a Vienna studio, where the most-watched man on TV (he holds the Guinness World Record) went all in on metal. 

Of course, the Hoff is already a big music star in those parts. His 1989 pop-rock album, Looking For Tomorrow, went platinum in Austria and Germany, triple platinum in Switzerland.

The question is: will his legions of fans enjoy this change of direction? If they do, they might want to throw some money in the direction of CueStack's Kickstarter campaign.

Having shot footage with the Hoff in a day and on a shoestring budget, Kames and Brodträger need to raise €6,000 (£5,441) to add in VFX, complete the music video and finish the all-important accompanying documentary. Indeed, the duo have spent in the region of €40,000 on various production costs and hope to cover them with the campaign.

If the idea of David Hasselhoff fronting a sort of cyber-metal project and want to see the final result – a dystopian retro Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk vision no less – check out their page.

You will be rewarded with a Through The Night box set, complete with Digipak CD, eight-page booklet with liner notes, printed high-quality autograph card, poster, a Through the Night baseball cap and a custom leather bracelet.

See Kickstarter for more details.

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