See Paul McCartney perform Get Back with Foo Fighters after inducting them into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Foo Fighters
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You know you've made it when you have Paul McCartney introducing you for an award, as well as giving your child a piano lesson. And it seems the Beatle sees a few parallels between himself and Dave Grohl as he revealed in his speech inducting them into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, ahead of joining them for a performance of the Fab Four's Get Back.

So the question is, what do you do now? We both were presented with that question

Reflecting on how he “heard some music and I fell into rock 'n' roll,” McCartney said added; “So when that happened, and I fell into rock & roll, I joined a group. My group was the Beatles. Like I say, the world changed. Dave did a similar kind of thing. He joined a group, Nirvana.”

“We had a great time with our groups," he later continued, "but eventually tragedy happened and my group broke up. Same happened with Dave. His group broke up under tragic circumstances. So the question is, what do you do now? We both were presented with that question.

“In my case, I said, ‘Well, I’ll make an album where I play all the instruments myself.’ So I did that. Dave’s group broke up, what’s he do? He makes an album where he plays all the instruments himself. Do you think this guy’s stalking me?”

It's easy to be cynical about the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame – Grohl has already been inducted once with Nirvana while grunge trailblazers Soundgarden were recently denied induction – it certainly allows for some special collaborations. After the Foos played a medley of their hits Best Of You, My Hero and Everlong, McCartney joined them for Let It Be album favourite Get Back. 

The ceremony at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on October 30, 2021 also saw LL Cool J inducted by Dr Dre and perform with Eminem, Barack Obama and Dave Chappelle induct Jay-Z, Carole King inducted by Taylor Swift, Tina Turner inducted by Angela Bassett and The GoGos inducted by Drew Barrymore.

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