Darkglass Electronics unveils the new and improved Harmonic Booster 2.0

(Image credit: Darkglass Electronics)

The Harmonic Booster was Darkglass Electronics' first effects pedal, a clean bass preamp with a simple, one-knob, one-toggle switch design delivering enhanced attack, sharper presence and punchy mids. 

But it could be improved upon, and with another decade's worth of R&D and effects and amp building, Darkglass have taken another pass at it, with the Harmonic Booster 2.0 reengineered to give bassists more headroom, less noise, and a comprehensive EQ section for sculpting the tone. 

The principal behind the pedal, its function, is unchanged. Like its predecessor, the Harmonic Booster 2.0 is what Darkglass calls a "clean harmonic-excitation preamp", so-called because they chanced upon its effect on clean bass tones when they were experimenting on the gain and filter stages of their overdrive.

For bassists looking to seize full control of their midrange, they could do worse than check out the Harmonic Booster 2.0.

There are six controls on the enclosure with a three-band EQ complete with semi-parametric mid-range control. The Character control knob dials in how much of the EQ you want in the your signal – at zero, it is taken completely out of your signal.

The Harmonic Booster 2.0 is available now, priced £179 ($235, €209 approx).

See Darkglass Electronics for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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