If you’ve been holding out for a drumless version of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, you’re about to get lucky

While many album reissues are ‘deluxe’ editions that come with additional material - more tracks, demos, alternative takes, etc - Daft Punk’s latest wheeze is to do one with less. Specifically, we’re talking about a fresh cut of the duo’s Random Access Memories that doesn’t have any drums on it.

That’s right - the famously percussive producers (they even named a song Revolution 909) are binning off the beats for another reissue of their fourth and final studio album, which has been celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We’ve already had an expanded edition, and now you can hear what RAM sounds like without any drums on it.

The obvious question is why? Daft Punk’s website suggests that a rhythm-redacted Random Access Memories could give fans a fresh perspective on the album, enabling them to “dive deeper into the layers of instrumentation on each track”.

Which does sort of make sense, although you also have to question whether this is something that anyone has been wanting (or wants) to do. What’s more, today’s AI-powered stem separation software might mean that you can create your own drumless version of Random Access Memories on your computer.

You would be missing out on some fresh packaging, though - the Drumless Edition comes in a new crisp white sleeve. For real fans of beat-bereft Daft Punk, there’s also a range of white Drumless merch.

You can listen to the drumless version of Within, which features Chilly Gonzales on piano, above. The Random Access Memories Drumless Edition will be released on 17 November. 

Find out more on the Daft Punk website.

Ben Rogerson

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