D'Addario unveils the Nita Strauss Hurricane guitar maintenance kit and a massive prize draw to mark the occasion

D'Addario Nita Strauss Hurricane Guitar Maintenance Kit
(Image credit: D'Addario)

Where do we start? The huge prize draw or the news of D'Addario Hurricane Kit – a guitar maintenance kit compiled with Nita Strauss, containing all the essentials you need to keep your acoustic or electric guitar in tip-top shape?

Let's run through the latter. In short, the Hurricane Kit is an all-in-one package for setting up your guitar on the go. 

The Alice Cooper guitarist and D'Addario have got all the bases covered: there is a string height measuring tool, flashlight, 9V battery, multi-tool, Eclipse Headstock Tuner, Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner, XLR8 string cleaner and lubricant, Fret Polishing System, a micro-fibre polishing cloth, Pro-Winder and an instruction manual.

All this comes in a travel case, priced £100.

Now, the prize draw: it closes 23 November, you can enter here, and the grand prize is massive.  

Nita Strauss

(Image credit: Olly Curtis / Future)

If you are first out of D'Addario's hat you'll win an Ibanez JIVA Jr Nita Strauss Signature guitar, a Marshall CODE50 modelling combo, three sets of D'Addario NYXL strings, a Hurricane Kit, a black Auto-Lock strap, a pack of medium-gauge celluloid picks, and a subscription to Strauss' online guitar school.

The 10 runners-up will receive a a Hurricane Kit.

See D'Addario for more details, and here for more details of Nita Strauss' Rock Guitar Fundamentals.

Jonathan Horsley

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