D'Addario is calling its new XS "the most advanced coated string ever"

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D’Addario has its new XS acoustic guitar strings, claiming to offer players "maximum life" and "an unprecedented level of strength and stability".

To achieve the latter D’Addario combined its previous innovations with NY Steel high-carbon cores in the wound strings and Fusion Twist technology in the plain steels.

The XS strings' new protective film coating used is just 1/10 the thickness of a human hair that D'addario says "completely protects the wound strings from corrosion, without dampening the tone". The company also used its proprietary dispersion coating from the XT acoustic line to protect the plain steel strings too.

“Several years ago, I posed a simple question to our team of engineers and product designers, to create the world’s greatest coated string with no tonal compromise and no slick or slippery feel,” says Chief Innovation Officer Jim D’Addario. “I am proud to say our team rose to every one of these incredible challenges with the new XS strings, providing the most advanced and effective defence possible to lock in your string tone.”

XS is available now in Phosphor Bronze string sets for acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, and mandolin in the most popular gauges.  They've already won a fan in acclaimed UK acoustic virtuoso Mike Dawes. 

Mike Dawes

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"These new XS strings are perfect for the studio ––super smooth while reducing finger noise without sacrificing tone," says Mike. "They have the perfect tension, making vibrato and expression on acoustic guitar much easier. I can't wait to take them on tour!"

The XS line will range in price starting at £20.50 (RRP) for an acoustic 6-string and mandolin and £31.50 (RRP) for a 12-string acoustic guitar. 

To learn more head to D'Addario 

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