"The distinctive sound that has helped define genres from '80s pop through to modern EDM": D16 Group's Roland TR-606 emulation Nithonat 2 updated with new sequencer, effects and more

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D16 Group has announced an update to its Nithonat drum machine plugin, which recreates the classic Roland TR-606 drum machine in software. 

Nithonat 2 "precisely emulates" the 606's hardware circuits to capture the instrument's unique sound, which can be heard in music from a diverse list of artists from Aphex Twin to Prince. 

The plugin's first iteration was already a stellar 606 emulation, but the new version has been beefed up with a host of new features, including a new sequencer, more effects, additional factory content and more. 

Nithonat 2's new sequencer replaces the 606-style sequencer found in the original with a grid-based sequencer that's easier to use and gives you precise control over dynamics and articulation. Patterns can be programmed up to 64 steps and can now be dragged and dropped from the plugin into your DAW.


Roland TR-606

(Image credit: Perfect Circuit Audio)

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The plugin's effects section has been significantly improved - each of the drum machine's seven tracks now has its own dedicated channel strip with EQ, low- and high-pass filters, a compressor and controls for panning and stereo spread. You'll also find two effects buses with five effects slots that can be filled with a choice of bitcrusher, compressor, filter, chorus, delay, distortion, reverb and EQ. Finally, there's a new master effects section for shaping the plugin's output with a soft-clipping limiter and multiband compressor.

What's more, Nithonat 2 has been kitted out with a randomizer for generating drum patterns and a tap function for recording drum patterns live. D16 has even recreated the trigger outputs found on some 606 mods, which produce an audible trigger pulse. Nithonat 2's expanded factory library contains more than 900 scenes, kits and patterns so you can get started quickly and easily.

Priced at $119/£99, Nithonat 2 is available now for a discounted price of $75/£59.

The plugin is available for macOS and Windows in VST2/VST3/AU/AAX formats.

Find out more on D16's website or watch a sound demo below.

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