Make music... for free! It’s the freeware issue of Computer Music!

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We love free stuff at Computer Music and our very own CM Suite of plugins is a massive 90 plugins that we give away every issue. But there’s a whole world of other free plugins out there, and in the April 2022 issue we reveal the best.

Plus, get WA Production’s MultiBender CM delay plugin for free and 2,000 Scandi Noir atmospheric samples! 

Saving you time and money!

We’re not just revealing the best freeware plugins, we’re also narrowing down the best according to the music you make. Save time and just download the free plugins you will actually use! We detail the best half dozen plugins for a variety of uses, from hip-hop production to podcasts, EDM to guitar music – it’s the best and most specific free stuff for what you do!

And you want more free stuff?

As well as revealing the best free plugins for you, no matter what music you make, there’s an amazing freebie for every reader in the form of WA Production’s MultiBender CM, a special edition version of their incredible delay plugin. There’s a full, 6-page tutorial on how to get the best from it plus a hands-on video. And our most successful sample pack ever was? Scandi Noir samples back in 2020, so we have several all-new packs in the same style and even bring you that classic pack direct from the CM Vault as we present you with nigh on (noir on?) 2,000 free samples!

And there’s more! Oh yes!

Last month we gave you How To Do Everything… but it wasn’t quite everything, as we have the rest of that feature this month, covering both reverb and delay, with hands on features and videos on both using the CM Suite. And we finish with the latest reviews including Moog’s Animoog Z, compressors and outboard plugins from SSL and MIA, plus the incredible PSP Saturator.

The April 2022 issue of Computer Music is out now. It’s not free, but it will save you a heap of cash (and time!).

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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