“Inspired by Behringer”: CME’s SWIDI is a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard and step sequencer that looks very familiar

(Image credit: CME)

We’re used to seeing Behringer taking inspiration from other manufacturers, but other manufacturers taking inspiration from Behringer? That’s not something you hear about so often.

CME, though, is making no bones about the fact that its SWIDI keyboard is “inspired by Behringer”... but that’s not quite the whole story.

The product that SWIDI resembles - Behringer’s SWING - is itself very similar to Arturia’s KeyStep, so you could almost call this a ‘clone of a clone’. What Arturia will make of this remains to be seen, as  it’s fair to say that it wasn’t particularly happy when SWING broke cover.

Anyway, SWIDI combines a 32-note MIDI keyboard with a 64-step sequencer. It trumps both SWING and KeyStep by offering Bluetooth MIDI, and its compatibility with CME’s WIDI technology means that SWIDI can be used to control up to four peripherals wirelessly. You can also create up to four MIDI configurations.

SWIDI comes with a wireless charging pad and can be juiced up in two hours. It then offers up to eight hours of operation.

Find out more on the CME website. SWIDI will be available on 2 May priced at $79.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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